Meet Our First Scholarship Recipients!

Meet Thea and Emily, our first ever Gralen Eidam Wilson Youth Ambassador Scholarship recipients!



Before the interview process began, our committee had decided that we would like to send two youth on this exchange.  ALL of the candidates we interviewed were extremely impressive and highly deserving – we have some amazing youth in our community!  We noticed so many things Thea and Emily had in common that it seemed like they would make a perfect team.  They will spend three weeks in Shingu this July, and will work together on a collaborative project to share their experiences with our community when they return home.  They will also be active, welcoming hosts to incoming delegates from Shingu in August.

Congratulations to Thea and Emily, and THANK YOU to all of our supporters for helping our youth ambassadors represent our city (and state, and country) in Japan this year!









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