From a Youth Ambassador in Shingu

Our first scholarship recipients left for Shingu on July 3 and return on July 26!  I thought our donors would enjoy reading this message we received last week from one of the girls, Emily…

I want to thank the committee greatly for this experience, and let you know that Thea and I are incredibly happy with how our stay in Shingu has begun! Our host families are beyond kind towards us, and I am glad to be with them! The students and population of Shingu as a whole have treated us with the upmost respect, and I am incredibly grateful! Thea and I have already begun to form our project and will be working on it more intensely as the days go by. Again, thank you greatly for this experience and I will forever be in debt to your kindness.

Our scholarship recipients, Thea and Emily.


Your donations at work!  Thanks, and look for updates about future scholarships!



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